Original Lock Jockey Tool

Original Lock Jockey Flip Latch Bypass Tool- Accept no Substitutes! 

The Lock Jockey is a tool uniquely designed to bypass the secondary “flip” style latches commonly found on hotel and motel room doors. Without the availability of a tool like the Lock Jockey, security personnel and staff at hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships, apartment complexes etc. are often forced to damage the very properties at which they work. Oftentimes circumstances such as a welfare check on a guest, a non-response on an overstay, illicit activity and other emergency situations require management to gain access to rooms immediately. While most properties are able to unlock the primary lock with a second key-card, a spare room key, or a master key, the secondary flip-latch devices can cause problems.

Until recently, property staff had no choice but to force entry into a room in which the secondary latch was thrown. This potentially caused hundreds of dollars in damage by destroying doors, door frames, walls, and the like. However, with the invent of the Lock Jockey, this kind of needless damage is no longer unavoidable. The Lock Jockey safely unlatches secondary room flip latches common to hotels and motels without causing any damage to the door, walls, or door frame! Costly repair bills as well as down-time on rooms can be completely avoided.

Here is what one police officer said about his experience saving the life of an overdose victim at a hotel utilizing his lock picking/bypassing skills obtained through Jericho Specialized Entry Training and the Lock Jockey Rapid Entry Tool:
“I thought I would share a success story with you. Yesterday afternoon my department assisted another agency with a missing persons case and located the missing subject’s vehicle at one of our hotels. Patrol had confirmed the missing person was checking into a room; however the subject was not answering the door. For some unknown reason the hotel’s bypass key would not work to open the lock and it was a solid core door with a metal jam – not something that would be easy to force.
I responded and used the under-the-door lever tool and within 1 minute had the door open. The door then stopped because the subject had thrown the extra security latch commonly found on hotel doors. I then used the Lock Jockey tool on that and had that door open in just a few more seconds. The subject was found inside the room, barely breathing and unconscious. He had taken an intentional overdose of multiple medications in a suicide attempt. Within probably another 30 minutes he would have been deceased.
There is no doubt that patrol would have gained access to the room in some fashion, but not near as quickly or damage free as I was able to with the correct tools. The hotel manager was ecstatic when he found out how we gained access, he had already given consent to have the door forced and said it could have cost him over $1000.00 to repair the damage.

Thanks again for your awesome class, I have now used my skills on search warrants, locked safes, and now a welfare check and have been able to get access 100% of the time (so far anyway)! Keep up the good work.”

Law enforcement officials, hotel and motel security, apartment management, fire personnel and more can all benefit from having a simple yet effective tool like the Lock Jockey Rapid Entry tool available. The cost of the tool is negligible compared to the cost to repair a door, door frame, and pay for downtime on a room. The hospitality industry and law enforcement alike would be wise to consider purchasing the Lock Jockey as cheap insurance against costly repair bills. At less than $30 dollars each, the Lock Jockey Rapid Entry tool is both safe and effective in assisting security personnel and law enforcement officials in quickly accessing rooms while avoiding the need for costly repairs.

*The Lock Jockey Rapid Entry Tool pictured is in our “Tactical Black” finish, designed for Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

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